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Terms and Conditions


Placing an order 

Due to copyright laws cakes are always unique and may be similar but never the same as an inspiration photo(s). No artist can replicate even their own cake design exactly %100 every time. Please do not have unrealistic expectations because every cake is a different art piece.

If design is being changed multiple times fee may apply for redesign the items or sketches and recalculating costs since it takes extra time. 



A full payment or 50% non-refundable booking fee/used to buy supplies/ are expected through Venmo, Cash App, Facebook messenger or in cash at the moment of placing an order. If only the booking fee is paid the rest of the balance is due a week prior to the event or the time slot will be reserved for another customer. Checks are not accepted but if absolutely necessary they reserve customers a spot only when they go through not before, this may delay purchase of important items for the order and there may not be enough time to get them once check becomes available. 



If invoices are not paid a week before the event orders are automatically canceled. To be sure you have a spot 50% of payment is required when you place an order. If you choose to pay a week prior first check availability please. For weddings the time is a month for changes and to save a spot. Last payment due no later that a week prior. 



In case of customer dissatisfaction product needs to be returned to the seller for inspection and evaluation (possible lab inspection may need to be done) and applied at seller’s discretion. Partial credit for next order might be available instead of a refund. Credit or refund for discarded or for over a quarter of consumed or not properly stored products will not be granted. Refund may take up to 7 business days and may vary in form from the initial type of payment method. 


Changes to an order can be honored no later than two weeks before the event date (a month for a wedding event). Changes might not be guaranteed 100% of the time. Extra fee may apply.


Delivery is offered with each order over $50! Delivery time could vary based on traffic, distance to event and volume of daily orders. Extra fee may apply over 15 miles delivery radius. The customer must notify if they will transport themselves the cake further after a delivery so they can be given instructions for handling. 

If the customer insists on picking up the product or there is no option for delivery to the final destination, they relieve the seller from any responsibility of handling the products thereafter while in customer’s possession until reaching final destination. 

Products should be kept at cool to cold temperature in an already pre-cooled vehicle and on a flat surface/box on floor/, cannot be exposed to direct or indirect heat or direct sunlight. Nothing can be placed on top of the box containing the product and there shouldn’t be anything around it that can either fall/leak/damage/push/pull on it. Vehicle recommendations include slower( especially on uneven road surfaces)and steady speed following speed limits, pushing hard on brake pedal or gas pedal during handling can damage the product, plus carefully taking sharp turns! If you need to avoid an accident of course sharp brakes might be needed but refund will not be issued. For additional fee and if time wise available we can help fix the product.  


No refund will be issued for damages on cake resulting in customers adding additional decorations on delivered cakes that were not discussed with or arranged by seller. Decorations can be purchased and added by seller upon delivery at the event, set up fee may apply. 

Some product parts or product decorations may need to be applied/assembled after the delivery process and some may not be attached to the product so moving it might require moving them separately. 

WARNING: Some parts of the cake may NOT be edible. Product more often than not has a different type of support system that might include dowels(plastic or wooden), bubble straws, liners, boards (wooden, plastic, paper, cardboard), metal wires or wooden toothpicks/skewers/cake pop paper sticks or plastic sticks to help hold decorations on top or sides and/or real flowers that may be dangerous to adults and children if consumed. No head smashing on cakes at any point! Cakes made for 1 year old babies /smash cakes/ without extra support are child friendly but always use with adult supervision! Please supervise how big bites your child takes especially from gluten free/keto products!


Storage of products is recommended at 41F or below in a fridge for up to a week. Shelf life extends to 2-3 days at room temperature(less than 72F). For best taste cakes need to be at room temperature for at least 1-2 hours before cutting and unconsumed products can be wrapped in cling wrap touching product sides so they don’t dry out and stored in a fridge for up to a week, or in freezer for up to 3 months. If room temperature is over 72F buttercream frosting will start melting. Do not leave cake in direct sunlight or hot room/counter/car.


How to cut the cake

Customers receive a cutting diagram (including for a tall cake) with their orders.

Use clean knife run under warm water (but not wet, dry with paper towel or napkin for example) for each cut.

Start from top tier or remove it before cutting the next tier.

The party slice size is 2”*2”*2”, for taller cakes 1”*2”*4”. It is different for a wedding slice size 1”*2”*2”, if cake is 4” or more tall the slice of 1”*2”*4” should be cut in half - see diagrams enclosed! Please cut cake properly according to diagram in order to get the right amount of servings. 


WARNING: Any food allergies need to be disclosed prior to placing the order!

Facility uses or has direct or indirect contact with peanuts and tree nuts, milk, eggs, wheat, soy and possibly but rarely has access to fish or shellfish products. All ingredients and possible allergens are listed on the Product labels. 


In case of food poisoning symptoms you need to go to your GP or ER right away so they can examine you and diagnose it. Also write down in advance what you ate in the 48h prior to feeling the symptoms. You need to prove the source of food poisoning and provide proof for others who had consumed the same food and showed same symptoms in order to get refund also provide please a slice of the possibly contaminated food so it can be sent to a lab immediately!


The European Cakery reserves the right to change its menu, prices, ingredients, recipes and refund policy. Separate email is required to agree to the Terms and conditions.


We strive to provide consistently exceptional and professional service to all of our customers! With every order delivered to your events we provide the highest quality food products. The European Cakery would love your feedback and rating on our pages, it helps us grow and meet customers needs better! Address our email or phone number below for any questions, quotes and suggestions! Feel free to contact us anytime so you can get a taste of Europe! 


The European Cakery 

Mirena Field owner


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