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Vegan and keto options available for some items.

You need to inform about any potential allergy in advance so please call 508-566-4187 to disclose that information before placing your order online! The European Cakery is a HOME bakery and has ALL known ALLERGENS at the premises. The European Cakery cannot be responsible for any allergy reactions including to gluten!

  • Cakes
    Custom Cakes Party/birthday and weddings with or without fondant Carved Cakes Sizes: 4”/smash 8 servings 6” 12 servings 8” 20 servings 10” 30 servings 12” 42 servings Tiered cakes Vegan cakes Low carb/Keto cakes Cake/Cookie Sampler Box $25 - 4 flavors / Ask for cake flavors! Cake Prices start from $6 per serving. They are 4 layers each so 4-5” tall. For cakes with special buttercream decorations and fondant cakes price depends on complexity, how time consuming is, type of fondant decorations, art decorations and the number of decorations. Might be more to include specific decorations purchased/requested online/local store for your order. Their price is added to your total price.
  • Cupcakes
    Price starts from $3.50 with just buttercream/sprinkles, $4 - 4.50 with fondant decorations. Mini cupcakes - $1.50 Muffin size cupcakes - $5 Trifle cups - Small $4, Large $6
  • Muffins
    Regular $3, Keto $5.50 Assorted flavors
  • Bundt Cake
    $29 and up Flavors vanilla, marble, chocolate with powdered sugar on top or chocolate drip, fruits available too
  • Cookies
    Sugar cookies/sugar cookie pops/toppers Decorated - $3 Chocolate chip Oatmeal /raisins Peanut butter cup /chocolate chip Honey cookies half dipped in chocolate Pumpkin spice Walnut XLg 4”/60-70g - $2 Lg Size 30-35g - $1 Regular Size 15g - $0.50 each
  • Cake Pops
    *w/out fondant decorations - $3 *with fondant decorations - $4 Cake cones - $5 Cakesicles - $5/up to $8 for certain decorations Meringue cookies - Small $0.69, Large $1.29 Meringue pops - $2.50 Macarons - $3 Discount for amounts over 48ct
  • Chocolate Strawberries
    Half dozen $20, Dozen $38
  • Dessert Bars
    $1.50 - $4 Price depends on size Fruit and nuts flavors available or chocolate/peanut butter
  • Breads
    Banana bread with or w/out walnuts - $18 Chocolate chip bread - $18 Blueberry lemon bread - $20 Other flavors may be available Panettone/Kozunak - $29 Panettone rolls/Kozunak rolls personal size - $6 Cinnamon rolls - $4.50 Nutella rolls - $4.50
  • Donuts
    $3 - includes custom decorations
  • Chocolate Dipped
    Chocolate Dipped Oreos - $3 Chocolate Dipped Pretzels - $1.50 Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispies - $2 Chocolate dipped lg marshmallows - $1
  • Chocolate Heart
    Small heart $7 Large heart $25
  • Misc Baked Goods
    Choux pastry/Cream puffs/Eclairs Gift boxes Cupcakes bouquets Strawberry bouquets Strawberry/flowers tower Macarons tower
  • Cake Layer Flavors
    Vanilla Chocolate Marble Funfetti Chocolate chip Oreo Almond Carrot /with or without walnuts/ Walnut Maple Cinnamon Pumpkin spice Spice cake With Fruit: Banana Blackberry Blueberry Cherry Coconut Dried fruit mix or just one kind/raisins, cranberries etc-Fruitcake/ Lemon Lemon blueberry or/and raspberry mix Mango-passion fruit Raspberry Strawberry
  • Buttercream Flavors
    Vanilla Chocolate Almond Banana Blackberry Blueberry Bubble gum Butter rum Cherry Coconut Lemon Mint Orange Pineapple Raspberry Rose Spice/cinnamon Pumpkin or all spice Strawberry Walnut Watermelon Non-dairy whipped cream Extra charge for the following flavors: Chocolate Ganache Oreo Mango-passion fruit Chocolate chip Cookies layer Pecan-coconut (German cake frosting) Caramel/Dulce de leche Brigadeiro (chocolate, coconut or other fruit flavors available) Rainbow layers Tres leches All buttercream is made using European recipes and it’s not too sweet. American buttercream (extremely sweet) is available only by special request.
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